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Undefeated Falcons Somehow Losing To Eagles Before Game Even Starts

Andy Reid has never lost after a bye week. Never!

Kevin C. Cox

Yet you'd never know with the way some people are talking. Somehow, someway, the team has already lost to the Eagles. You can write 'em up. They're done! They've lost, Vick will win the game by himself.

You know Tedy Bruschi said that the Eagles would force four turnovers and we would force none?

The media drives me crazy. Makes me wonder why I even watch it sometimes.

Even though Andy Reid has never lost after a bye week before, that team has serious issues thus far. Vick can't handle the ball very well and that defense hasn't been able to help its own case.

So why are critics predicting us to lose? Because it's a "must win" for the Eagles? It's a must win for us, too. The Eagles own us just about every year, so we MUST BEAT THEM. I think we owe it to Vick at the very least.

Regardless, I haven't seen a single person on TV pick us to win. Hopefully that'll get the Eagles' heads just a little too big and we'll be able to swoop in and be the better of the two birds in BirdBowl I.