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Falcons Activate Corey Peters

Fact: Corey Peters can start a fire with his toes and belly button lint.

Kevin C. Cox

Corey Peters was activated earlier today. Hooray!

It was inevitable. But I'll be honest, I didn't think it'd happen this quickly.

Peters is likely to work behind Peria Jerry when the Falcons (6-0) visit Philadelphia (3-3) on Sunday.

Atlanta waived cornerback Terrence Johnson to make room for Peters on the 53-man roster.

Peters started practicing again earlier this week. And now he can play. Don't get too excited, they're going to work him back into the rotation slowly. This week he won't play much. As time goes on, he'll play more.

This helps on multiple levels. First, it takes some of the pressure off Peria Jerry and Vance Walker. Second, it will boost our anemic rush defense. Third, and most importantly, it will put an end to Dave's twinkie and Dewar's binge. Maybe.

Peters isn't accustomed to playing behind Jerry. He's started 30 of his career 31 games. In that time, he's kicked butt and taken names. Many questioned Thomas Dimitroff when Peters was taken in the third round of the 2010 draft. Notwithstanding that skepticism, Peters has delivered.

The first step was getting back on the field. Now the team thinks he's game-ready. Simply stated, we're trending in the right direction.