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Falcoholic Video Chats: When Is Best For You?

The Falcoholic video chats started off last week, but I need to know what time is best for you.

Scott Cunningham

Starting next week, I want to hit the Falcoholic video chats hard. It's something I think could be very fun here at this site once we get a lot of people involved.

It was brought to my attention last Friday evening that Friday at 7:30 pm is not the most ideal time to chat with fans. Most people are out doing their own thing on a Friday night and don't have time to chat with me about the Falcons.

So this evening (and throughout this whole weekend) I want to know in this thread when the most ideal time for you to be involved would be.

It doesn't have to be a specific time, just a range of times like Wednesday from 5-7, or something along those lines. The most popular time will be the one I go to, and it'll be one that will be consistent through the course of the rest of the season, barring some kind of disaster, etc.

In order for this thread to work, I need input from you. I can't know what time to hold these chats if I don't get any responses. I'll try to stay active in this thread and respond to your feedback. Thanks so much for your input and thanks for helping make these video chats a reality!