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Harry Douglas To Miss Eagles Game

Falcons wide receiver will miss the game against the Eagles with an injury.

J. Meric

The Falcons just lost a weapon for their tilt against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Harry Douglas has been somewhat of an afterthought in the passing game this season, to put it mildly. He has just 16 receptions for 149 yards, an average of 9.3 yards per catch, and has served mostly as the fourth option underneath when Ryan needs a quick out. It's never been about a lack of ability with Douglas so much as it has been a lack of availability, or the simple availability of better options.

Still, the Falcons would like to have all hands on deck against the Eagles, and Douglas being out means they do not. Against a team with a tough secondary, being down a weapon certainly doesn't help. Kevin Cone is likely to pull some reps in the slot when Tony Gonzalez isn't busy abusing everyone he goes against from that position.

For the full injury report, visit the official site. Thoughts?