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Is History On The Falcons Side?

From the looks of it, yes. Yes it is.


Pat Yasinskas is at it again, providing in-depth statistics on the nature of undefeated franchises and the chances they have at reaching the ultimate goal of each season, the Super Bowl.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, as Yasinskas notes, we have seen 37 teams go 6-0 in history and remain as the league's final undefeated team. Out of those 37, a whopping 35 have reached the postseason. Whoever those two teams were that didn't advance past the regular season (feel free to look it up and get back to me) must have put Cam Newton in at quarterback, or the Saints entire defense on the field, or [enter another jab at the NFC South here].

Now, out of the 35 we just mentioned, 20 went on to reach the Super Bowl. So, 57 percent. Say whatever you want about the past being the past, those are pretty good odds for the Falcons. Finally, 10 of those 20 teams went the distance, bringing home the Lombardi Trophy.

To recap, basically with the current situation Atlanta is sitting in, there is a 27 percent chance of winning the Super Bowl right now. That's according to the history of the NFL, not some random tangent a blogger went off on one day.

I know what plenty of you will say. "Who cares about stats from the past, that doesn't mean anything this season." Sure, Mike Smith and his group face a tough road ahead, including winning their first playoff game under the current regime. It's still nice to know, though, that history has played out favorable for teams like the Falcons of 2012.