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Pro Bowl Voting Is Open, So Go Vote For The Falcons

It's time for Atlanta Falcons fans to cast their Pro Bowl ballots for the Falcons.


Pro Bowl voting opened today, and it is your duty as a red-and-black blooded Atlanta fan to cast your ballots for our beloved Falcons.

Fortunately, you don't have to talk yourself into sending a dozen or so Falcons this season, because this team has been so damn good. If you held a gun to my head and asked me to list all the Falcons I think are deserving of a Pro Bowl berth based on their play through the first six weeks, I would hand you back the following list:

Matt Ryan
Roddy White
Tony Gonzalez
Sam Baker
Justin Blalock
John Abraham
Jonathan Babineaux
Stephen Nicholas
Asante Samuel
Thomas DeCoud
William Moore
Matt Bryant

I will have you note that I have a cool dozen Falcons, as promised. If you think any of these guys are undeserving, quit taking crazy pills.

It's rare that I advocate for you to go do something, because I do believe the Falcons should earn their accolades with their play on the field, regardless of how much we want to froth at the mouth and defend our guys against the stupid dumb slings and arrows of pundits. In this case, though, you have a chance to bring a real if functionally meaningless honor to your favorite Falcons. Don't pass up that chance.

So go here and vote. Use this thread to discuss the Pro Bowl!