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Corey Peters Returns From Injury

Fact: Corey Peters eats six pounds of pineapple a day. And he likes it.

Kevin C. Cox

He's baaaaaaaaack. As you may have heard, Corey Peters returned to practice today.

Peters has been rehabilitating while on the team’s reserve/non-football injured list.

“I’m excited about it,” Peters said. “It’s been since January since I’ve been able to play. I’m really excited about it. It’s just like a kid in the candy store.”

Peria Jerry has been playing decent football this year, as has Vance Walker, but having Peters back in the rotation undoubtedly strengthens our defense. Atlanta's defense is ranked 28th against the run, and Peters is known for his prowess defending the run. Best combination since Dave and questionable facial hair.

To be frank, you shouldn't expect to see much of him for a week or two. First, he probably isn't in football shape. Sure, he's done individual workouts throughout training camp and the first part of the season. But he hasn't taken a snap in an actual game since January. Second, in case you haven't heard, we have a new defensive coordinator. Of course, Peters hasn't ignored the playbook. He's a professional. But he will need time to figure everything out on the field.

In any case, it's fantastic to have him back. Hopefully he's back to having an impact sooner rather than later.