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Bears-Lions Monday Night Football Open Thread

The Chicago Bears take on the Detroit Lions in Monday Night Football action.

Jonathan Daniel

The Chicago Bears are the only feted team left in football at this point.

Let met explain that: At this point, we know the Falcons aren't going to get enough credit until they stomp the NFC East. The Giants have had too many squeakers already this season. The Seahawks and 49ers have bared their offensive weaknesses to the world. The AFC is generally horrible, the Texans got trucked over the Packers and the Ravens have been skating by on luck and rainbows since the beginning of the season.

All of the teams I've mentioned are accepted as good, some even as great, but the Bears are the only team that captivates America's analysts at this point. That's because they have the record (4-1), a few blowouts under their belt and a truly terrifying defense. Those three factors, combined with a lack of what many would call true dominance from anyone else, has convinced many that the Bears are the class of the NFL.

The Lions, meanwhile, have had a puzzlingly disappointing start to the season. Despite a plethora of offensive weapons and an underrated defense, the Lions have lost games, mostly because they have arguably the worst ground game in the NFL and an inferior offensive line. With Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, they're still a mighty threatening team.

Let's see how this one plays out. Discuss!