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Looking At The NFL Through GIFs: A Week 7 Recap

A GIF recap of sorts for the week that was in NFL action.

J. Meric

The Atlanta Falcons were off this week. That doesn't mean we're going to get rid of a feature that's proven to be popular with the key 0-100 age demographic.

For your watching pleasure, I present to you one all-encompassing GIF for each game on the slate Sunday. I hope it tickles your fancy and helps you get through a Monday with no Falcons action to talk about. We all do the best we can.

Let's start with the Saints-Buccaneers game. The Saints were revealed to be a terrifying offensive juggernaut...when playing the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers were revealed as a team with plenty of talent, not a lot to show for it and a coach who seriously doesn't appear to have any idea how the NFL game works. It was that kind of game for the Bucs, who came awfully close to winning despite the frequent intervention of the Football Gods.


The Panthers are just sad right now. The Cowboys beat them, Cam Newton took his own team behind the woodshed while wearing an Ewok's pelt and they're now 1-5 and dead last in the NFC South. This was the happiest Brandon LaFell would look all day:


The Ravens have been winning a lot of close football games. Then they attempted to take on the Houston Texans, and this happened.

Guy jumps Cannon Ball into frozen pond

The Cardinals-Vikings game was a defensive struggle, as expected. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, John Skelton was playing quarterback. Hilarity ensues!


The Packers-Rams game is summed up pretty well by this GIF. I don't really have much to add.


The Cleveland Browns are getting better by the week. In Browns-Colts, however, you must face the scrambly wrath of ANDREW LUCK!


If you thought Andrew Luck was impressive, check out this alien that stole Chris Johnson's body and used it to almost single-handedly win a game against the Bills.


Yeah, the Giants barely beat the Redskins. Yeah, they're an up and down football team. But try keeping those thoughts in mind while you're entranced by this GIF.


The Jacksonville Jaguars lose to the Oakland Raiders, with Mike Mularkey getting a couple of unlucky breaks when he lost both Blaine Gabbert and Maurice Jones-Drew for the game. If you want to know what a Raiders-Jaguars game looks like, look no further.


The Patriots were insanely lucky to escape their game against the Jets with a win. There's no doubt about that. Of course, it took Mark Sanchez doing what he does best.

And finally, on Sunday the Steelers took on the Bengals. It was not a particularly pretty game.


Weigh in on the complete slate of games, if you would!