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Fans Supporting The Charge to 6-0

Falcons fans are coming from all over to support the team. It's paying off in a big way.

Scott Cunningham

The Falcons may or may not have a cool theme song that was created when the team was born. However, they do have a cool one now, which I have linked enough times that you should all know what it is by now.

According to the mothership, Falcons fans have been awesome. You all have filled the Dome to 98% capacity (on average) every home game this season, and that's pretty awesome!

The Falcons have had only 5 penalties at home compared to 22 for opponents. That's a great differential and one that can at least partially be contributed to the fans yelling loudly.

I've gone on record saying that I thought fans were a problem in the past, not because I thought Falcons' fanhood was weak, but because I thought we tended to not represent ourselves well enough at home. However, I think that's slowly changing. It helps when your team is winning, of course!

So today my post is short and simple. I'm proud of all the fans that show up on a bi-weekly basis at the Georgia Dome. You've all been great, and one of these games, I would love to yell my tail off at the Dome with you all. (And actually get into the Dome this time). Cheers!