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Is 16-0 A Real Possibility?

The Falcons are off to their best start in history. Could they run the table in the regular season?

Scott Cunningham

We're headed into the week against the dreadful "Byes" and, to this point, the Falcons have not lost. Despite trying very hard to get trapped by the Panthers and Raiders, the Falcons escaped with victories in both games and are off to their best start in the team's tumultuous history.

Looking at the team's schedule for the remaining games, there aren't any that stand out as particularly scary, save for maybe the Giants later in the season. The NFC South will always play us tough, and it would be silly to think that the Falcons will sweep the division, but in a year where Brees' can't outscore his opponents and Tampa and Carolina just straight up have issues, it's not outside the realm of possibility.

The Eagles game has been in Philly's favor for some time though, but with the slowly deteriorating play of Vick and the firing of their Defensive Coordinator this week, the Eagles have never been more vulnerable.

Could the Falcons go 16-0? To follow up, would you want the Falcons to go 16-0?

And lastly, if the Falcons had to lose just one game this season, would you rather it be now or at the end of the season? Personally, I'd rather them lose sooner than later, because the target on our backs becomes a lot smaller when there's not a goose egg in the L column, and the greater amount of time we can get with less stress, the better.

Your thoughts?