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NFC South Picks: Week 7

The Falcons don't play this week. Otherwise, we'd all pick them to win.

Streeter Lecka

What are we supposed to do without a Falcons game to watch this weekend? I guess we can focus some attention to the rest of the division, but mostly just to have a laugh at each team's record.

The Saints and Panthers should be fresh coming off a bye. Both enter Week 7 with an embarrassing 1-4 mark on the season, each looking to somehow escape from the cellar of the NFC South. Tampa Bay looked solid against the Chiefs last week, but they were playing the Chiefs, so, yeah.

Caleb still holds a one-game lead over me in the overall selections. James and Dave aren't far behind, but they sit in a tie for last at this point. Let's take a look at our picks for the two games around the division this weekend.

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We all chose the Saints to emerge victorious on the road against the Bucs. Aside from last week, every game for Tampa has seemingly come down to the wire. While NOLA looked like they couldn't stop a team put together up fellow Falcoholics, Brees and the gang actually looked improved in Week 5. Any franchise with Norv Turner at the helm is bound to fall against a winless team, but I'll give the Saints credit when credit is due.

If the Bucs win, it won't shock anyone. But, with the way Brees is throwing the ball and Tampa's 312.2 passing yards allowed per game, it's hard to believe that secondary will slow anyone/anything down.

The Panthers are looking to avoid 1-5 as well. They'll face the Cowboys at home, another team with a ton of talent and little to show for it. Dallas should have won that game in Baltimore last week, but Dan Bailey blew it. Now DeMarco Murray is out, and Felix Jones is bound to get hurt boarding the bus to the game. This is another tough matchup to call, and we were divided as you can see. Personally I chose the Panthers in the expectation that Ron Rivera will manage some sort of spark among his squad after having a week off.

What's your take on these games in Week 7?