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The Last Time The Falcons Were 6-0 Was Never

The Atlanta Falcons have a new milestone to celebrate in 2012.

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons have never been 6-0 before. They've never been 5-0, either. This late in the season, they've never even gotten close to being the only undefeated team out there. These be uncharted waters, and 'ware of sea serpents.

I've spent enough time talking about the franchise's history, so let's spend a moment reflecting on how awesome it is to be alone at the top of the heap. Critics can take their shots, and they are already beginning to sharpen their knives because the Falcons haven't beaten the kind of "quality" opponent the pundits want them to.

To be blunt, it does not matter. Not because the Falcons are Super Bowl locks or don't have weaknesses or that they've blown anyone out besides the Chargers, because they aren't, they do and they haven't. It doesn't matter because the Falcons are the only undefeated team in the NFL and are off to their best start ever. People can get as indignant about this early schedule as they like, but the Falcons beat six NFL teams. That's a feat.

So ignore the criticism. We know this team has flaws, but it's a good time to be proud. We may not see this again.

Use this as your all-purpose celebration thread for this unprecedented success.