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Falcons/Raiders Post-Game Thread



It wasn't pretty. And we barely beat a very mediocre team. Admittedly 23-20 isn't the best case scenario. Thank Vishnu for Matt Bryant's bionic freak leg.

But we're 6-0. We're 6-0. I'll say it one more time: we're 6-0. Did you hear me?!

I'll acknowledge the elephant in the room. We barely eeked out wins against the Panthers, Redskins, and Raiders. The Raiders are obviously the worst of that bunch. When it comes down to it, we win. We fight through adversity and we win.

I know some of you would prefer ridiculous blowouts every week. I can respect that. Feel free to discuss where we could improve. Without a doubt, we must improve before the playoffs. If we don't, another first round exit is a real possibility. But please don't act like the sky is falling - we're not horrible. There are 30 teams that'd love to be in our position. Ask a Browns fan how he feels about life. It's been a long and tough road for the Falcons. Still, show some humility. This is a good team. With a bye week ahead, I'm hopeful we can work out the kinks.