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Somebody Get Kroy Biermann an Oreo Milkshake

Fact: Biermann deserves an oreo milkshake, because he works hard and stuff.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

I kinda doubt Arthur Blank reads my posts. Not because they lack quality, because let's be honest, my stuff is off the heezy! Isn't that what the cool kids say? I think Justin Bieber said something to that effect on the Kid's Choice Awards this year. But I digress.

If you are reading this Arthur, then please get Kroy Biermann a raise. Why? Because he's a starting defensive end, and you should pay him like one.

But wait! Isn't Ray Edwards the starter opposite John Abraham?! No. He's not. Get with it. As Pat Yasinskas points out, Ray Edwards is a part-time player in Nolan's defense.

The Falcons have had 311 defensive plays in their first five games. Biermann has been on the field for 215 of them, while Edwards has participated in 122 plays.

The disparity in playing time has been even more pronounced in the last two games. In Sunday’s victory at Washington, the Falcons had 49 defensive plays. Biermann was on the field for 36 of them, while Edwards participated in 13.

Honestly, I noticed the trend, but the numbers are shock and awe-type stuff.

To be fair, Edwards is huge. He's a beast among men - his biceps are bigger than my midsection. The size works against him. He can't stand up like Biermann can. He's not as versatile as Biermann is. His best lady friend doesn't have Kim Zolciak's ridonkulous wig collection. Simply stated, he just doesn't fit in as well as Biermann does. Saaaaaaaad.

What does this mean going forward? It may mean that Edwards stays healthy through the stretch run. Nobody would hate on that, especially given Abraham's impending social security eligibility. As Yasinskas points out, it may also signal a shift in the front office's mentality about who plays and when. The best player is going to play, regardless of how much money he does or doesn't make.