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NFC South Picks: Week 6

The Saints are off so they can't lose, unfortunately.

Patrick Smith - Getty Images

All four of us have selected the Falcons each week. All four of us have been correct with those picks. It's not changing this time around.

The Falcons entered uncharted territory by attaining a 5-0 record last weekend against the Redskins, and this week their chances of improving to 6-0 look promising. Oakland was dominated by Denver two weeks ago before its bye. I'm still not sure they were even on the field for that game.

Tampa Bay is coming off a bye as well. The Bucs will take on the Chiefs at home in a game that is sure to put on an offensive clinic. Brady Quinn gets the nod at QB for KC, how could you bet against the guy from the EAS Myoplex commercials? Now he's done.

Caleb still has the lead, but James and I are one pick behind. Our fearless leader Dave fell to last place, but we still have faith in him. Here are our two picks this week.


Falcons across the board, same old routine. James was the only one brave enough to pick the Chiefs this week. With Brady Quinn starting, I just couldn't justify betting against Tampa. The Bucs passing defense is just awful, but they rank fourth against the run. Somehow I don't foresee Quinn lighting it up on Sunday, but stranger things have happened.

Carolina and New Orleans are on bye this week, so with only two NFC South games this week, what's your take?