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Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants Playoff Open Thread

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Win or go home.

The Falcons are squaring off against the New York Giants today, and if you haven't heard enough about this matchup, scroll down on our main page or visit Big Blue View. Suffice to say it may well be the closest game of the Wild Card round, and it won't be easy for either team. I still believe the Falcons can and will pull it off.

Here's our inactives:

QB 4 – J Wilson
WR 12 – K Cone
CB 20 – B Grimes
LB 54 – S Nicholas
C 66 – B Romberg
OL 73 – K Chambers
WR 80 – K Meier
DE 98 – C Matthews

Before this begins, let me just say that I'm proud of this team for clinching back-to-back playoff berths for the first time in franchise history. What I really, desperately want to see now is a win for Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith, the first of their four year tenure in Atlanta. Let's hope today offers up a great game and a victory.

For the record, it's been an honor and a privilege to talk Falcons with you guys all year long. You're a great group of fans.