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One Falcon To Watch: Matt Ryan

Unfairly or not, all eyes will be on Matt Ryan this afternoon.

He's the franchise quarterback. He's a guy who's been on fire for the last several weeks of the season. He's taken the leadership mantle for this team and wrapped himself in it through awkward interview after awkward interview. Ryan's the man.

So no matter what the outcome of this game is, Ryan will share the credit or blame for it. With the Giants' combination of a great pass rush and a middling secondary, he has a pretty good chance of having a great game, a bad game or a game with flashes of both.

Personally, I fully anticipate a quality game out of Ryan, something along the lines of 25/35 for 250 yards and two touchdowns. Whether that will be enough to get the Falcons the win, particularly if they struggle on defense, remains to be seen.

We wish him luck. You should too.