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The Many Probables Of Atlanta: A Falcons Friday Injury Report

Good news, everyone! That gigantic list of injuries from earlier in the week looks a lot more manageable now.

The Falcons have officially declared 18 players (!) probable for Sunday's tilt against the New York Giants, meaning you're likely to see every one of them suit up. Those include notable players such as John Abraham (just resting on Wednesday) and William Moore (who is battling a groin injury). That means this Falcons team should be fairly close to full strength.

The only questionable is Brent Grimes, who we're fairly confident is going to play. The team elected to sit him last week and let him take two days off from practice leading up to the game this week, but he participated in a limited practice today and is likely to start against the Giants. It would be a huge boost to have him out there.

The only doubtful player is Stephen Nicholas, who we were all pretty sure was not going to play this week. With Nicholas out and Mike Peterson on IR, it's Spencer Adkins or bust outside for the Falcons. Adkins played a solid enough game last week against the Buccaneers and shouldn't kill the Falcons out there on Sunday.

Your thoughts on the injury report?