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Thursday Injury Report: Much, Much Better

We still have half the team on this here injury report.

However, we only had two players out today: Grimes and Nicholas. We already know Nicks isn't playing, though Grimes being held out again does worry me. Victor Cruz is much more likely to have a field day against us if Grimetime isn't up to snuff.

After Spoon's strange no-practice yesterday, he was back in full participation. That's good, we're going to need him. Roddy was also back to FP, as was Julio, Reggie Kelly, and Police.

The Old People all practiced in full.

HD is back in practice, as is Turner. It looks like, to me, yesterday was an extra day of rest for anyone who was even the slightest bit banged up, while easing back into it today, and probably ramping it up further tomorrow. Meier, C4, and Palms were all back to practice as well.

I wouldn't say we're "getting healthy at the right time", but we're at least not as bad off as we would seem. I really do hope Grimes can play this week. That's a huge blow to our D if we have to play without him.