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D-Block Isn't Worried About Sunday's Game

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If you've been living on another, non-Falconscentric planet, then perhaps you don't know who D-Block is. For those not in-the-know, D-Block is the term our LB corps has given themselves this year. To be frank, I'm not really sure why, but that is inconsequential.

Love when the playoffs come around. All these media outlets that wouldn't normally cover anything Falcons-related all-of-a-sudden find Falcons-related content relevant. The same is true for any playoff team. In this article, however, we - the loyal masses - receive some solace from the de facto leader of D-Block. When asked about how injuries - especially those to Weatherspoon and Nicholas - could affect the team, our own Curtis Tremayne Lofton had this to say:

"I mean football's football," Lofton said. "The bigger the game, the more excited you get, but you still have to do everything you used to do and treat everything the same and you'll get the same result."

Awesome. Just awesome. He can't be fazed. Honestly, if Lofton can continue to perform and lead at this level for another half decade, then I'll be downright giddy about the former second-round selection. His Success Count was the third-highest in the league this year (the league leader's Success Count was 3 higher). If you're not familiar with Success Count, it's the amount of plays a given player is involved with that result in a positive EPA (Expected Points Added). If none of this seems relevant too you, then just take my word for it, that's awesome! He's anchoring this defense right now, both literally and figuratively.