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Playoff Injury Report: Brent Grimes, Sean Weatherspoon Miss Practice

UPDATE: I missed Jay Adams' Tweet about an hour ago about 'Spoon, which basically states that he'll be back to practice tomorrow. My apologies. You can all come off the ledge.

The full report is here, as always. Hat tip to our good friends at the Falcons.

There's a fair number of Falcons on this list who are not practicing, but only a couple I'm truly worried about this early in the week. We'll get to those in a second, but first let's bullet list our way through the rest.

  • John Abraham is resting.
  • Todd McClure is resting.
  • Tony Gonzalez is resting.
  • Kerry Meier is not really going to be a factor in this game.
  • We already know Stephen Nicholas isn't going to play.
  • Wild, wild horses couldn't keep William Moore away from this game.
  • Harry Douglas is concerning, but I'm optimistic. The Falcons also will rely heavily on Roddy, Julio and Tony in this one.
  • Michael Turner's been resting on Wednesdays for a long time. Unless this persists into Friday, I'm not worried.
  • The Falcons would like to have Michael Palmer, but they can get by without him if push comes to shove.
  • It's Wednesday. It's hard to get worked up about too many of these, even if the list is dauntingly long.

Now my concerns. The first is with the absence of Brent Grimes. The Falcons are counting on him to return for the playoff game against the Giants, because he's easily their best corner. It's possible they're being cautious with him, but I'm wary.

Sean Weatherspoon is the one I'm really worried about. He's not practicing with a head injury, which to me instantly means concussion or similar symptom. Losing 'Spoon would mean the Falcons would be starting Robert James/Akeem Dent and Spencer Adkins outside. That would be completely terrifying. See update above!

How are you feeling about this injury report?