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Anatomy of a Play Series: Looking At Falcons Impact Plays

This picture isn't really relevant, but it is cool!
This picture isn't really relevant, but it is cool!

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know what I'm going to be doing in the upcoming weeks.

As we all know, the offseason is often devoid of content to talk about, and it makes for a boring time and, in the "business" aspect of it, there are fewer readers or people who just forget to visit here because there isn't anything really interesting going on.

I have long wished to have access to film, and, while I still don't have any film, I will be perusing the Internet to find some plays and break them down to determine what worked and what didn't.

Each week, I will be doing each week of the regular season. That's about 4 months worth of content which I hope you all will find interesting. I will be doing at least 4 plays per game, and I will try to balance the good and the bad plays. I'll also note that offense and defensive good/bad plays probably will not be balanced. It'll be kind of a week-by-week thing.

I'm not a football genius, but I will attempt to explain why certain plays were run the way they were and perhaps explain also why the coordinators made the right or wrong decision.

I think this will be a fun project, but I also want your input on one thing: Would you rather I do a big write-up for each play, or would you rather me do a video, where you actually hear me talk and break down the play on my computer screen? For those of you that have no heard my voice, it is not obnoxious. It's a broadcasting voice. I have heard umpteen infinity people tell me that already.

Both the write-up and the video will use some form of drawing to illustrate what's happening on the field so you can get a better idea of what happens without rewinding the video a million times like I'll probably be doing.

I don't think I can legally put the NFL video in the post, but I will provide a link to the video (wherever it comes from) on the post so you'll have easy access to it. Hopefully I've covered all my bases and won't get in trouble for this. Ha.

I'll also put a poll up so I know which of the two options to do.