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Looking Ahead To 2012: Which Falcon Will Lead The Team Receiving?

Time for a series on 2012's best and brightest. Time to put on your prognostication hats.

I didn't ask passing because I think we're all pretty sure it will be Matt Ryan, barring an injury. Similarly, Michael Turner should lead this team in rushing unless he's hurt or involved in a surprise trade. So the first position I see a real debate at is receiver.

Tell me who you think will lead the team in receiving yards, receptions, touchdowns and average yards per catch in 2012. Will it be electrifying second-year dynamo Julio Jones, or cagey veteran Roddy White? Will Tony Gonzalez get in on the action, or will Harry Douglas return and have a career year?

Note that I'm only listing current starting Falcons here, but feel free to get outlandish and predict Kerry Meier for a category win. Heck, project some rookie receiver. Just don't expect to be right.

You make the call.