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Conspiracy Theorist 5: Mularkey Leaves, Offense Fails

Here's an idea - Spoon should call ALL the plays!
Here's an idea - Spoon should call ALL the plays!

Imagine, for a moment, that our wildest dreams come true: Mike Mularkey leaves us for another team. That leaves us open to any available coach to fill in the vacancy, and we pick one of the young, fiery, creative coaches that should turn our offense into a juggernaut.

In the preseason, we look unstoppable. Screens are run, Julio is Fitzgerald Jr. (Actually the 3rd, as Fitz is actually a Jr.) Matty throws all over the place and Turner runs like a super beast. We throw swings to Quizz, we run fancy double moves with our WRs, etc. etc.

Regular season comes around and the League wants us to host the Saints on the first prime time game of the season, set for what appears to be an offensive firepower matchup. The game starts and...

...the offense is horrible.

(Disclaimer: This goes under the assumption it lasts longer than a One-Game-Suck. ((That sounds funny.)))

I've entertained this thought in my head several times, if MM leaves and our offense is suddenly worse off than it was previously with him, I think a ton of people would eat crow and of course, I'd find it a wee bit humorous (and typical of Georgia sports).

So today I simply ask you all what you would do if our new OC was not an improvement over MM? I think it's a reasonable possibility. So many people talk like MM's departure will suddenly break the ball and chain off of this offense, and you know what? It might work that way, but don't be surprised if it doesn't quite work that way.

I've said many times I'm ready for someone different to run the offensive ship, but I think we should steel ourselves in case the results are not what we desire, even if it's just initially. I feel like MM has done a little more behind the scenes than we might realize, including providing the no huddle offense that Matty runs so well.

So how 'bout it, Falcoholics? If MM goes and the O is worse afterwards, what will you do?

Personally, I'd laugh. Not at anyone on here, but because that's the kind of thing that defines Georgia sports - inexplicable failures that come after successes ie UGA's previous two first halfs in comparison to their previous two second halfs. Wee, Georgia sports.