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Pat Hill Is A Quality Hire As The Falcons New Offensive Line Coach

As Jason reported yesterday, the Falcons have added a new offensive line coach. It was probably not who you expected.

Pat Hill has been the head coach of Fresno State for the last 15 years, and was just let go after the 2011 season. Over that time, he's guided the team to an above .500 record overall. He's regarded as a bright guy and someone with a knack for guiding offensive linemen, which he did in a four-year NFL stint—the Browns and then the Ravens from '92-'96—and he has a lot of coaching experience. Everything about Hill says "solid hire" to me.

Frequent Pro Bowler Logan Mankins and our own Andrew Jackson both played under Hill at Fresno State, so it's not like he hasn't coached any decent linemen in that time. His Fresno State teams also ran the football well, and if the Falcons are serious about making the ground game more effective, that's an awfully good start.

So welcome Hill aboard. Once the Falcons get finished hiring Joe Danna—it's gonna happen—and get a new quarterbacks coach to replace Bob Bratkowski, the new staff will be completed. I'm looking forward to it.

Your thoughts on the hire?