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The Atlanta Falcons Second Round Pick Goes To...

Given that the Falcons don't have a first round pick and would have to make some significant moves to secure one, it's worth asking what they'll do with their second round pick.

Let me preface this by saying that I'm aware free agency could fundamentally transform this. Thankfully, your thoughts on this subject will not be etched in stone, especially if you predict guard and the Falcons pick up Carl Nicks. It's just a way to gauging the mood of Falcons fans at this moment.

For my money, it's still one of the lines, preferably the offensive line. I know there's real concerns about messing with chemistry in the OL unit, but I'll take a legitimate upgrade any day of the week. The Falcons could also use an elite pass-rushing DE and would probably jump at the chance to take one, should one be around when they pick.

Now it's your turn. Who will the Falcons use their second-round pick on?