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Falcons Looking At Jacksonville O-Line Coach Andy Heck

UPDATE: Somehow, I missed several nearly week-old reports that the Jaguars have retained Heck. I feel so smart now. Talk offensive line coach candidates instead.

Get the anti-Jacksonville invective out now, please. I'll wait.

For those who aren't familiar with Andy Heck, he's been the Jaguars' offensive line coach for the better part of the last seven years. By and large, he's done a fairly good job, though this last year was a disaster thanks to both personnel and the impossibility of protecting a quarterback who holds on to the ball as if it were a childhood teddy bear I think he's a good choice for the Falcons, who reportedly have interest.

What's more interesting about Heck, if you're willing to dive into his background, is his status as a former first round pick. He was selected 15th overall back in 1989, starting 164 games over a 12 year career. He never quite became an elite lineman, but he was good enough to start for 11 of those years. That's an impressive achievement, and it tells you that Heck should know how to connect with linemen.

He's the first name I've heard connected to the Falcons' offensive line coaching job, but stay tuned for more.