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Falcons Hire Joe Danna As Defensive Backs Coach

This news is unlikely to rage through your life like a tornado Joe Danna is the new defensive backs coach.

You had to expect Mike Nolan to assemble a staff to his liking, and Danna is one of the early pieces of that. The defensive backs coach in Miami the last two years under Nolan, Danna brings experience and familiarity with the Nolan way to the franchise.

The good news? While the secondary in Miami wasn't the greatest thing since sliced bread, Danna worked directly with a talented group of young cornerbacks and safeties. He'll be asked to do something similar in Atlanta, where Chris Owens, Dominique Franks, Darrin Walls and William Moore are still developing.

I'm sure we'll have more coaching news in the weeks ahead. For now, talk secondary.