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Peace Out Homie: Jason Snelling Done as a Falcon?

In this series, we're making a lackluster attempt to navigate content purgatory discussing some key free agents, debating the pros and cons of retaining various Falcons.

I've historically had mixed emotions about Snelling. I'll be honest, for a long time, I didn't like him. I thought he was vastly overrated. And then he proved me wrong in epic fashion.

As most of you know, Snelling explored his options last off-season. The suitors didn't give him all that and a piece of cheese, and as a result, he elected to remain in Atlanta for another year. Given our commitment to Turner and, to that effect, the need to retain Turner's replacement, I'd be very surprised to see Snelling in black and red again this fall.

That said, here are the top five reasons Snelling won't be a Falcon next year:

(5) Teams won't pass twice

Mike Mularkey owes Snelling a steak dinner, because his underutilization falls squarely on that man's shoulders. NFL GMs - for the most part - aren't stupid. He's a commodity. I truly believe he can make more money and find a bigger role elsewhere.

(4) He's a badass

The man broke his jaw during our playoff loss versus New York. And then he played some more.

(3) Michael Turner isn't going anywhere

We've discussed that he's owed 7.5 million next year, and that may seem like a lot given the impending schematic transition. But let's be honest folks, The Touchdown Vampire es nuestro hombre.

(2) Jacquizz Rodger's has skills

Skills! And given Koetter's screen pass mandate, his role will only expand.

(1) Roster limitations + Turner's replacement

Turner's going to retire sooner or later. As his career wanes, the need to replace him grows. While we carried four running backs this year, Antone Smith is a special teams guru. In other words, he's not actually a running back. In fact, over his two-year career, he's logged exactly one carry for negative three yards.

Here's what I'm getting at: we're not going to carry four actual running backs.

So there y'all have it. Comment early and often folks!