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What Would A New Stadium Do For The Franchise?

Kinda hard to believe this place might not be the home of the Falcons anymore.
Kinda hard to believe this place might not be the home of the Falcons anymore.

Quick discussion post for you all this evening. As many of you know, a new stadium is all but agreed upon, and the Dome will, unfortunately, eventually no longer be the home of the Falcons. That being said, what would a new outdoor stadium do for the team? I've had discussions about this before, saying that an outdoor stadium would be great for the team, if only because I feel like the Dome is too inviting for opposing fans. Part of that could be due to the flustercuck of traffic in ATL, etc. etc. or the ease of access to the Dome via MARTA, which has a station at the ATL airport. I don't know how easy it is to reach other teams' facilities from their airport, but ATL has to have one of the easiest.

So what would you do with a new stadium? Would you make it a dome? Would you make it open-air? Where would you have the stadium built?

Personally, I'd like a stadium like (Qwest Field. I don't know the actual name now) the Seahawks stadium. It's open-air, but it's built to make noise get directed at the field, which makes it louder. We could have a gimmicky something-or-other like the Tampa Bay boat that shoots the cannons, but I don't want a retractable roof. We'd just have it closed all the time and that's lame.

When we score a touchdown, we should have a giant Falcon fly over the field with fireworks and explosions and a thing that says, "HEY OTHER TEAM, YOU FAIL" and then call it a day.

I'm kidding on that "hey, you fail" thing, by the way.