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Peace Out Homie: John Abraham Done as a Falcon?

In this series, we're pandering useless and irrelevant dialogue taking a hard look at some key free agents, opining about who will and will not return.

Oh Abe! We hardly knew you.

Abe's been an above-average fixture along our defensive front. When he sent out that farewell tweet following the loss to New York, my heart just sank. Part of me - the financially unsavvy part - hoped he'd play out his career in Atlanta. But that'd necessitate a pay cut and a modified role, both of which aren't likely to float his figurative boat.

But alas, it appears that we've seen Abe play his last snap as a Falcon. Here are the top five reasons he won't be a Falcon next fall:

(5) $

His last contract. Our budget. The two aren't likely to mix.

(4) Diminishing returns

He's still above-average, but as this article points out, his successes this year came against lackluster teams.

(3) Contract length

He'll likely look for 3 years. Given how we had to limit his snaps the past couple of years, one has to wonder where he'll be in 3 years.

(2) Injuries

He's not as resilient as he once was; the Falcons brass may look for someone who can better withstand the rigors of a 16 game season.

(1) Smitty won't let him wear two-sizes-too-small shoulder pads anymore


There you have it. As always, I'm curious what y'all think.