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Peace Out Homie: Curtis Lofton Done as a Falcon?

Remember when the 49ers sucked and Curtis Lofton was still under contract? Those were the days.
Remember when the 49ers sucked and Curtis Lofton was still under contract? Those were the days.

In this series, we're making the best of content purgatory rosterbating a bit, projecting whether various free agents will be back in black and red next fall.

He's built like a dump truck. He's a founding member of the infamous D Block. And he's been a cornerstone of our defense since 2008. Curtis Tremayne Lofton is an unrestricted free agent, and let's be honest, he'll likely look to secure his financial future with this next contract. Can you blame him? Heck naw!

First, before anyone freaks out, let me just say that I fully expect him to be back. But for mitts and wiggles, let's consider why he might not be back. Without further ado, I bring you the top five reasons Curtis Lofton is done as a Falcon:

(5) He's too expensive

Four of our defensive starters are free agents, and something has to give. Lofton is a huge asset and you can't replace his leadership. Unfortunately, if TD and company decide pass rush and pass defense are the biggest priorities, then Lofton may find the contract we offer him less-than-ideal. Salary cap space isn't an issue for this team, but you can't have your cake and eat it too.

(4) Akeem Dent doesn't suck

To be fair, he didn't play much middle LB this year. Nonetheless, the coaching staff had nothing but positive things to say about the kid, and he's used to playing the Mike.

(3) We'll be a 3-4 defense by 2013

As you all know, there are no plans to make the switch this year. But that doesn't mean the Falcons brass aren't looking ahead. Lofton - while extremely talented - isn't as valuable in a 3-4 scheme.

(2) He's not fast enough to excel in a Nolan-run defense

Lofton has a good motor, and when there's no one around to block him, he'll log a sack here and there. But if the Falcons plan to blitz at a higher clip, perhaps they'll look for a middle LB with a bit more speed.

(1) Nolan doesn't have a cool mustache - and that offends Curtis

You don't offend Curtis. No sir.

I'm not gonna lie, it'd surprise the you-know-what out of me if they don't re-sign him. None of the aforementioned rationales sway me.