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The Two Biggest Winners Under The New Falcons Coordinators

The Atlanta Falcons have installed two new coordinators. All our 2011 woes won't evaporate overnight, but these should/hopefully will be improvements. Welcome to Atlanta, Mike Nolan and Dirk Koetter.

The topic of our discussion this afternoon is this: Which two players will benefit the most from the change in coordinators? Pick one from each side of the ball and be ready to justify your choices.

For my money, the two guys who should have the biggest boost are Jacquizz Rodgers on offense and Lawrence Sidbury on defense. Rodgers has a versatile skill set, can catch the ball and still has surprising power, so he'll likely steal carries from Michael Turner and become part of the screen game under Koetter. Sidbury would benefit from a shift to a 3-4, in my eyes, but he'll also likely get more snaps with either John Abraham or Kroy Biermann leaving and a switch to a more blitz-happy defense.

Other potential candidates include Matt Ryan and Julio Jones on offense and pretty much the entire secondary on defense, since they'll presumably be asked to cover opposing offenses a little more closely.

Share yours in what I like to call "the comments."