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Peace Out Homie: Michael Turner Done as a Falcon?

Brothers HUG!
Brothers HUG!

In this series, we're taking a look at some of the free agents who may look for greener grass, like on the other side and stuff.

My guess? He's not going anywhere. He's an asset. An asset we can't easily replace.

But - if I have to play devil's advocate - here are the top five reasons he won't return this fall:

(5) His trade value is peaking

Hard to imagine it will ever be much higher. And let's be honest, we're desperate for draft picks, because of you-know-who. Damn you Julio! Damn you!

(4) Koetter's offensive philosophy will decrease his value

The Touchdown Vampire is due $7,500,000 in 2012. I'm told that's a lot of money. If we deviate from the run-first paradigm, then is it really worth it to pay him that much? I'm undecided.

(3) He's getting fat, and old

OK. I have no empirical proof. But he's a big boy. Metabolism slows as you age. He's aging. To be honest, he probably won't get fat, though he did following the '08 campaign.

(2) Snelling/Rodgers deserve a bigger role

I seriously doubt Snelling will fill a similar role next year. He'll demand a bigger role or leave. Rodgers had an exciting rookie campaign. We need to draft and/or sign and/or artificially construct Burner's replacement at some point.

(1) Dave smells like asparagus extract

Enough said.

There ya go. The long and short of it. Discuss!