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What Will Make Today's Games Worth Watching For Falcons Fans

The playoffs are over for the Atlanta Falcons, in case you were hiding in a fridge and missed the nuclear blast of anger that followed the Giants loss. Obviously, that reduces the collective interest of Falcons fans in playoff football by a good 600%.

Yet there's still reason to watch today's slate of games. More than one, even. Here's my brief list of reasons to tune in:

  1. The Saints might lose.
  2. The 49ers might actually advance to within one win of the Super Bowl playing defense. Crazy, I know.
  3. Tim Tebow. Because he's America's most popular athlete, you know.
  4. A playoff team down to its rookie, third-string quarterback could go to the AFC Championship Game.
  5. The Giants-Packers game seems likely to devolve into a game where Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers throw for 600 yards apiece.
  6. A chance to look at the various strengths and weaknesses of NFC contenders and see how the Falcons can counter them down the line with their shiny new coordinators and such.

Okay, that's only six reasons. Not all of them are great. But hey, it's still football. You'll miss it when it's gone.

Check back in this afternoon for our live game threads.