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Bob Bratkowski to Jags? It's Time To Awaken the Offense, Falcons!

Big thanks to Dave for breaking the news of Bratkowski to the Jaguars. You realize now, gentlemen, that no coach on our roster will be OC (most likely) and that we have access to any coach on the market right now.

Any coach that, for what it's worth, will have the keys to the best offensive talent the Falcons have ever had. Seriously, run that through your craniums for a moment. I personally felt like Bratkowski would have been alright, but now we don't have to worry about potential conservative play calling! We can get whoever we want as OC AND QB Coach (anyone that is available, at least).

Personally, I love it. I think losing both coordinators and now the QB coach is the perfect remedy for a lull in our playoff hopes. We'll have new blood, new philosophies, and hopefully someone who can bring some nasty attitudes to both the offense and the defense.

Celebrate with me! Yay non-conservative stuff!

(Now let's get some fiery young coaches for the job, Falcons!)