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Personality-Related Shenanigans: Problematic?

Curious thought crept into my head today. Happens often enough, maybe more often than it should. And - more often than not - the results are mixed. But - if you will - indulge me for a minute ...

What if our team culture is a taking a definitive turn for the worse? Roddy's a future hall of famer if he maintains this pace for another half-decade. But the kid talks an awful lot. To that effect, he's not the only outspoken Falcon. Michael Turner's head shaking during last weekend's playoff loss spoke volumes.

We're not the Bengals or the Jets, not even close. But there's no denying the "looseness" that's crept into Flowery Branch as-of-late. The frustration about Mularkey's offense was voiced early and often, even during the season. While the ire is totally understandable, I'd prefer if it weren't aired publicly.

It's easy to ignore the early onset of team-wide dissent and dissatisfaction. Nobody wants to think it could happen to us. We've been through too much, we're owed some period of normalcy. Still, to be frank, I'd imagine many Falcons are downright angry after this regression-filled season. Several key leaders are entering free agency and the coaching staff was effectively gutted. If inspiring, logical, and efficient personnel moves aren't made, then cohesiveness won't be a given.

Simply stated, it's absolutely critical for the Falcons to fit the square pegs into the square holes now. I'm an enormous homer, and for that reason, I truly believe Mr. Blank and The Comrade will make the necessary and appropriate moves. I believe in this organization; but we need our players to feel the same.