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Hard to Believe It's Already Over

Smitty is sad. We're all sad. We will overcome!
Smitty is sad. We're all sad. We will overcome!

I'm sure, in the coming weeks, we'll have plenty of college prospects to look at, and draft day hoopla, and what have you.

But I still can't believe it's already over. It's probably the most winnable playoff game the Falcons have had (prior to playing, at least) and we laid the biggest egg of them all. Say what you want about the Packers game, but we started to warm up a little before it got completely out of hand. In this game, there was nothing, except a defensive effort I'd take just about every time.

We've kinda screwed ourselves with no 1st rounder this year. I have no doubt that any 1st rounder we could've grabbed this year would not have the immediate (and almost assured long term) impact that Julio gave us this past season, so I'm not fretting the trade for him. I'm still thrilled we have him, and he's only going to get better.

We're either going to have to wheel-and-deal for some draft picks, or we're going to require Dimitroff's A-game for this draft, or we could be left high and dry for talent. Of course, there is always free agency, which will discuss in due time.

This isn't really a recap, since I know most of you saw what happened, and any of you who didn't see it probably would have a better quality of life if you didn't read about it again, but I'm proud of the defensive effort we showed. It's a shame the offense was so bad, we might've actually had something going there.

All we can do now is move forward. I hated it as much as the next Falcons fan, but there's not much we can do except hope that MM gets canned and hope that his replacement is something akin to Yosemite Sam. I think we'll hire a very capable defensive coordinator as well as (this had better happen) a new offensive coordinator. I do believe Bratkowski can do the job competently, but we'll only know if he gets a shot.

What we do know is that Smitty is a players' coach, and if his players are mad at conservative play calling, hopefully we won't bring in another conservative OC.

In any case, time heals all wounds. Dave, James, Adam, and myself will be sure to bring you the best content we can in the coming offseason, filled with free agency, draft related content, and hopefully we can deliver a few humor-filled posts as well. I hope to see you all early and often this offseason!