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Falcons-Buccaneers Postgame Thread: Building Momentum

This was an excellent day for the Atlanta Falcons.

They re-signed Tony Gonzalez, watched the Lions drop their game against the Packers and give Atlanta the opportunity to get the fifth seed in the playoffs and then handily beat the Buccaneers. That puts them in the playoffs, with a fifth seed that will see them play the winner of the NFC East and a relatively healthy roster.

The second season begins tomorrow, and all the frustration and triumphs up to this point have only served to get us here. Time to look ahead.

If you're legitimately worried about the way the second half unfolded, don't be. This team made mistakes that don't entirely deserve sweeping under the rug, but they had pulled starters and were playing just to keep their massive lead. I'm not any more concerned about them than I've ever been.

Playoff time. Use this thread to discuss tonight's Giants-Cowboys game and the Falcons.