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Predicting Michael Turner's Rushing Stats For 2011

Busy afternoon for me, so I'm going to keep this short and simple. 

Michael Turner is going up against a potentially tough Chicago Bears run defense, which is a rude start to the 2011 season. Fresh off a season with a groin injury, Turner should be totally healthy but needs to get off the blocks at a gallop. At 29 years old, he probably has a handful of seasons left in that zone between good and dominant, and the Falcons still need him to be the bruising Burner we all love so. 

So what will Turner do for the entire 2011 season? Today, we're trying to guess exactly that. That means a best guess on carries, yards, touchdowns and yards per carry. If you want to throw in guesses for catches, you're welcome to, but if you guess higher than ten you're foolhardy. 

I'm going to go with the following line:

Turner: 300 carries, 1,250 yards, 9 touchdowns, 4.17 yards per carry

Give us yours in the comments, and debate what's ahead for Turner.