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Are We Ready To Take The Next Step?

Just a quick discussion post for you all today. I actually forgot Dave was still AWOL today, so imagine my surprise when I didn't notice anything this morning.

Anywho, our first game is in six days against last year's #2 seed, the Chicago Bears. No doubt they'll be a worthy opponent, especially in their house, but that game will undoubtedly set the tone for our season. A poor performance could send us into a downward spiral of ugly, with the first 5 games being a relentless assault on our season.

To me, Chicago feels like the inferior team in comparison. I say inferior, but it's certainly close. I don't think Chicago's offense can keep up with ours, even with Forte, because Cutler isn't a great QB and their receiving threats aren't in the same echelon as a team like the Saints or Packers.

Chicago's defense will no doubt cause trouble with former Panther Julius Peppers trying to wreak havoc on our offensive line. I don't know the numbers, but I'd venture to guess Chicago's D was, at worst, comparable to ours. It's more likely theirs was better,

Talk up the game this week a little bit. I'll be hopping on and off throughout the day with hopefully some more positive news about the Falcons!