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Falcons Announce Practice Squad: No Bear Woods

Here's the list. Thanks to Jay Adams for that.

I'll do a quick rundown of each practice squad player and offer my opinion of them. Also, mad about no Bear Woods.

Rafael Bush: I think we had to keep him. He looked good at times during the preseason, but unfortunately was a numbers casualty since we signed two veteran DBs for the short-term. I expect him to compete for a safety spot in the next year or two.

Kevin Cone: The surprisingly speedy WR from Georgia Tech made the practice squad, and rightfully so. Someone of his speed (4.37 40 aka Julio Jones) should be kept around to see if he can make a contribution in a few seasons once Roddy starts to taper off.

DJ Davis: DJ Davis played in that speed demon offense at Oregon. He's not particularly big, standing only 6'1", but I believe he was touted as being a physical receiver somewhat in the mold of Roddy, just not quite as talented. The Falcons must see something they like in him as well.

President Jackson: I hope someone doesn't snatch him from us, but we managed to keep him around. He got some significant playing time in the preseason, and I think he's only here because our 53 man roster was just too crowded, the same as...

Jose Valdez: This is Jose's last year on the practice squad, and I'd be willing to bet they sent him to the PS for just that reason. Save a younger guy's eligibility and let Valdez ride the PS. If they really see something in him, it must be why he's still with us.

Robert James: Possibly another numbers casualty, though I would've taken Bear Woods instead. Robert James has done some decent things in his tenure here, but again, Bear Woods.

and last, and possibly least...

John Parker Wilson: The third QB makes his triumphant return! Only to the practice squad, where maybe he'll play scout team and try to emulate....someone else's third QB. I don't know.

There's the list. What do you all think? Are you mad about no Bear Woods? You should be.