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Falcons 53 Man Roster Analysis

Final cuts have come and gone. Here's a list.

We had a few surprises today. President Jackson was cut, though I think he'll ride the practice squad much like Jose Valdez has done the past two seasons. Valdez was also cut, which is somewhat surprising though I'm not sure he looked that good this year.

Late round DE Cliff Matthews and UDFAs Antone Smith and Darrin Walls made the team. Smith earned his keep the other night, running for 100+ yards and getting 40+ yards on receptions. Glad to see Walls make the team. He has good size and he's been busting his tail since training camp. Matthews has also looked good in limited playing time. I'm not used to seeing #98 in the backfield!

I expect the Falcons to hold to at least Kevin Cone on the PS. He is too fast to let him slip away to another team. I figured Robert James was on his way out after getting in trouble last year. Evidently, we have backup center Rob Bruggeman still on the roster. I imagine he'll be cut once McClure comes back.

I hope we keep Bear Woods on the practice squad. He's looked good to me, though he might be a numbers victim and, to my knowledge, he has one more year of PS eligibility.

Looks like we're going with 5 WR, also, with Roddy, Julio, HD, Meier, and Weems being it, unless I'm forgetting someone. I'd like for us to put a developmental prospect QB on the practice squad. Dave might've hit Froman on the head with his guess.

Otherwise, nothing really special sticks out to me. Spencer Adkins looked good at times last night, I imagine that's why he's still with us.

Any thoughts/surprises/suggestions? Keep in mind this isn't the final roster, but only the initial 53 man roster. More moves could still be made this week.