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Your Saturday Falcons Roster Moves Open Thread

Opening things up for your discussing pleasure this morning.

The Falcons have to cut 10 more players today to bring themselves down to the 53-man roster limit. This round of cuts may still have a few surprises, but I'm guessing we've seen the biggest names go already with Chauncey Davis and Coy Wire moving along.

If you look at my roster prediction from yesterday, you'll get a pretty clear idea of who I think is going to be packing bags by the end of today. I'll be most interested to see what happens to Drew Davis and Kevin Cone in the days ahead, considering they survived the roster purge a little longer than Brandyn Harvey. It's entirely possible one of them ends up on the practice squad.

It's also a possibility that guys like Lawrence Sidbury, Robert James and Spencer Adkins will get the axe, and an extremely remote chance that Chris Owens gets cut. Watch closely.

Just as a quick parting note, I'll be sans computer for most of the weekend, so The Falcoholic's talented stable of co-writers will carry you through to Labor Day. Enjoy the weekend, everyone, and discuss the roster!