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Falcons Boldest Fans Series: The Falcoholic's Finest

The nominations were scarce, but we still managed to find a boldest fan for The Falcoholic! Woohoo!

That fan is one Jason Kirk, who you may know better as the editor of SB Nation Atlanta and staff writer here at The Falcoholic. Jason has been a regular here since the early days of the blog and is a card-carrying Falcons fanatic. He's also one of the more even-keeled fans I know.

Technically, I received a couple of votes as well, but I disqualified myself due to running this site. Of course you guys want to be nice to me.

Honorable mention to Botchelism, because Jason Kirk insisted his weekly MS Paint masterpieces deserve it.

But hey, since I'm that kind of guy, I'd love to spread the love to all of you. So in my book, you guys and girls are all great fans. Cheesy, I know.

Boldest fan for the franchise in general lands tomorrow. Stay tuned!