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Whats Your Solution To The Offensive Line Problem?

A short discussion post for you all this morning, because I'm still shocked that Atlanta sports, for the collective month of September, has been as sorry as anything I've ever witnessed, and I've still got a good 50 years to go, hopefully.

Except the Atlanta Dream, who don't believe in curses. I hope they win a title for this deprived city. Shameless Dream advertisement.

In any case, we've skirted around solutions in other threads, but there hasn't been a thread dedicated to what you think the solution should be. Tyson Clabo, in his interview after the TB game, said that he didn't know why the running plays weren't working. He also said that they were, essentially, outplayed. They didn't make their blocks, the Bucs made their defensive stops.

Personally, my solution is to bring in some fresh blood until we can evaluate coaching in the offseason. It's obvious that, whatever the problem is, our front 5 are not getting it done. If bringing in some outside players lights a fire under the offensive line, then great. If not, then we're no worse off than we were before, because we're about as bad as it gets.

I don't think synergy is the problem. RGGR is new to starting, but he's not new to the team. There's more to it than just him, unless he's so abysmally terrible as a player, he just flat-out shouldn't be out there. I don't believe he's quite that bad, though stats could prove me wrong there.

What do you all think? What's your solution to the offensive line woes?