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Tweets of the Game: Doom, Gloom, etc...

Pet the ball, squeeze the ball, be the ball. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Pet the ball, squeeze the ball, be the ball. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Matty has NO time. O-line gotta do better. Gotta. FalconsNeedRing

We're about 2.5 minutes into the game and two turnovers already. Could be one of those games. FalconsJAdams

Well at least Bosher can tackle. FalconsNeedRing

The Falcons need to move their offensive dial from "slow" to "not slow." TheFalcoholic

That drive went in the trash compactor quick. TheFalcoholic

The Falcons special teams are not, really... technomonk13

Matt Bosher punts like a small child. TheFalcoholic

I hope I have enough beer in this house to get me through the game. Jeannathomas

Nice to see the pressure affect Freeman on that third down. Would like to see more of that. FalconsDCox

I can haz Matt Ryan no huddle tiem plz? Jake_W

Julio Jones uses his magnetic hands to bring that one in. TheFalcoholic

I like when we go "No Huddle" I believe Ryan calls the plays better than Mularkey. iHeartMiko

What a coincidence ....we go No Huddle and look at our offense!! MephisFalcon1

Falcons are lucky they didn't live on the border of East Berlin, or they'd be riddled with bullets by now TheFalcoholic

I know Freeman didn't just flap his arms as if they were wings. FalconsDCox

There are no words to describe this, except the words I am yelling at the top of my lungs, all of which are obscenities. Jeannathomas

Matt Ryan will be dead by the time this season is over with this O-line. I mean LITERALLY dead rantin12

I cant describe how disappointing this game is. HalMoore

I'm HONESTLY in FEAR of Matt Ryans health at this point. Our offensive line ain't nowhere NEAR last yrs. Poppa_Falcon

The ATL-TB box score's brightest spot: Michael Koenen is losing the punting battle against his rookie replacement. JasonKirkSBN

Could the Falcons fan community avoid turning and strangling each other at halftime of the third game of the season? TheFalcoholic

Frankly, it's a minor miracle they held the Bucs to three points. The fact that the Falcons are down by only 13 should be encouraging. TheFalcoholic

It saddens me to see how poor this team is playing with so much talent. DirtyBird4life

Bosher has to be cut. MidwestATLFALC

My grandma can kick farther. Botcher fluffs another one. Seriously, how long are we gonna allow this? AtlantaPeaches

Well, Tampa is challenging their own completed pass. This is where this game is right now. FalconsJAdams

Congrats Julio Jones on your first 100 yard game, and congrats to the Falcons offense for being a little explosive, finally. Nice drive! Technomonk13

When you have a solid defense and you have explosive skill position players, you can turn a game around quickly. FalconsDLevak

Third down stop here. For all the marbles and also the jacks and maybe even the sandwiches. Lot of stuff at stake. TheFalcoholic

This defense is impressing me so much right now... Loving it hottbunsugafoot


Roddy is going down as one of the all-time Falcons. This guy and his will are incredible. FalconsDCox

It's a damn shame that one boneheaded play will color the defensive performance here. Frankly, the offense shares the majority of blame. TheFalcoholic