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Atlanta Falcons Wednesday Injury Report: Banged Up Birds

The Atlanta Falcons threw the injury report in the same fashion you or I might throw a rock. It's heavy.

In total, five players did not practice at all on Wednesday. Here's the list:

  • Roddy White. He has a thigh injury. Without him, the Falcons will have to destroy Seahawks cornerback Brandon Brower with Julio Jones
  • Jonathan Babineaux. We knew he was out this week. A partially torn MCL does not magically heal, even if you use magic on it.
  • Stephen Nicholas. He left last Sunday's game and doesn't appear likely to be back for this one. Mike Peterson will shake the rust off his iron joints and take a spot in the starting lineup, I'm guessing.
  • Kelvin Hayden. Hamstring injuries are nasty. Look for Chris Owens to get another start if Hey Hey Hayden can't go.
  • Jason Snelling. A backup running back with a concussion? He's sitting this one out, more than likely. Jacquizz Rodgers would snap into his snaps.

In addition, Sam Baker, Curtis Lofton and Cliff Matthews were limited practices. I'm willing to bet all will be ready to go for the weekend, though Matthews remains a gameday inactive.

We'll know more as the week progresses, but my small pile of cash would be on Babs, Nicholas, Hayden and Snelling all missing the game, with White showing up to perform his usual route-running sorcery.

What say you?