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Afternoon Discussion: Do These First Three Games Warrant A Hot Seat For ALL Coaches?

This picture says it all, folks.
This picture says it all, folks.

I already know your opinions on Mike Mularkey and, to a lesser extent, Brian Van Gorder. I'm not here to argue those.

What I am interested in this afternoon is your opinion on whether Mike Smith shares in some of the blame here. Lack of discipline starts with the head coach, because a well-disciplined team is a well-coached team, and Smitty, much as we approve of him, is responsible to make sure his team is mentally prepared. You don't see Bill Belichick teams jumping offsides, or Rex Ryan teams, or Mike Tomlin teams (though they have looked God awful this year, too).

Personally, I feel like this whole situation (It's been said that MM and Smitty have an issue with each other) still needs to play out some more, before I really blame Smitty for anything, but I feel like he also has a bit of stepping up to do. I'm not sure he has control over this team, except instead of us being wild, we're being tranquil. 

I don't know, ladies and gents, and neither does he. And if the boss doesn't know, then we have a problem. What do you all think? Does Smitty share some of the blame? Does some of the blame fall down to the position coaches? To Flowery Branch's field maintenance crew? To Superman? I hope we figure this out soon.